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Reality Reset - Driving to the Rez - Episode 113

Looking at various ways used to create a script for the reality we are experiencing.

Connection and how it affects Parenting and Money - Driving to the Rez- Episode 111

Exploring how connection is the key to our experiences on Earth from being a child to becoming a parent and everything in between, including our wealth creation and why we limit it.

Special - Earth Files - Driving To the Rez - Episode 110

The first episode from the "Earth Files" book club on WalkWithMeNow

Clear Higher Self Communication - Driving To The Rez - Episode 109

What is our Higher Self, and how can we expand into it and have clear communication with it.

Religion and Rituals - Driving to the Rez - Episode 108

Exploring the spring energies, the rituals around it, and how religion has taken of some of them. And there is homework!

Are you following your Life Plan? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 107

How do we choose to raise our frequency? Is there a trigger moment in our lives?

Distractions - Driving To the Rez - Episode 106

Why do we get distracted? And what is the difference between High-Frequency and Low-Frequency distractions?

Finding The Perfect Place to Live - Driving to the Rez - Episode 105

What is the frequency of the land and where is heaven on Earth? What makes a land high-frequency and another low-frequency? Plus a call to musicians to send us a Driving to the Rez Jingle.

Talking Turkey at the Rez - Driving to the Rez - Episode 104

Dealing with misinterpretation and misunderstandings in life. And the ETs are back!

Remote Viewing - Driving to the Rez - Episode 103

Exploring what Remote Viewing is, the Hall of Mirrors and Remote Viewing the moon.

Sound Healing - Driving To the Rez - Episode 102

Exploration of how sound can be used to heal or to cause harm, to bring in the Divine, or to support power over others experiences.

Guidance and Resistance - Driving To the Rez - Episode 101

Exploring following guidance and how it is influenced by your resistances.

Message from Gaia - Driving To the Rez - Episode 100

A discussion about caring for plants and connecting with Gaia

Past life recall - Driving to the Rez - Episode 99

Exploring past life recalls. Why do we forget? Why do we remember some of them?

The Second Hour - Driving to the Rez - Episode 98

A preview of what the "Second Hour" will look like for the Subscribe Star members.

Planning your Life Times - Driving to the Rez - Episode 97

How does our experience unfold across lifetimes? Making conscious choices.

Communication - Driving to the Rez - Episode 95

Exploring channeling as a form of communication and becoming comfortable with the switch from I, me and myself to Us, we and ourselves.

Dialogue on Love, Sex and Relationships - Driving to The Rez - 94

Exploring Love, Sex, and Relationships. Exposing the unconscious programs through the class: Sex Love and Soulmates in The New paradigm

Reviewing The Matrix movie, and our own - Driving to the Rez - Episode 93

What is the matrix? Can we really get out of it? What is the message of the Matrix movies?

Karma - Driving to the Rez - Episode 92

Exploring Karma and Learning. We also look at "authority", talking with family over the vaccination issue, and obstacles vs challenges.

Inelia Benz - Looking at 2022

Exploring the energies of what can we expect for 2022. Share with others. Keep high frequency. You are not alone.

Warning vs Manipulation - Driving To the Rez - Episode 90

Become aware enough to make conscious choices about the information that reaches you. The Gaia Contract. A shoutout to our listeners.

Free will and your 3rd eye - Driving to the Rez - Episode 89

Further exploration if your free will is violated. Looking at limitations. Opening your third eye.

Conflict - Driving to the Rez - Episode 88

Exploring how conflict is used to bring about The Split.

Free Will - Driving to the Rez - Episode 87

Free Will. Is it being violated? And what role do Metaverses have in our society?

Discernment and Judgment - Driving to The Rez - Episode 86

Exploring being street smart vs being judgmental and righteous. Act from a Pure Heart.

Find or Create your high-frequency tribes - Driving to the Rez - Episode 85

Structured water and hydrogen. Connection. Changing views on Health. High-Frequency Parties

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