Collection of audio tools and interviews from These tools have been developed and co-created by Inelia Benz to help to raise awareness and empowerment on our planet.

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Expansion of Awareness at the Fast-food Restaurant - Driving to the Rez - Episode 125

Why do we still fall for programs, even when we see them?

Skipping to the End - Driving to the Rez - Episode 124

Why do we have journeys? Why don't we instantly materialize what we want?

Sensitivity and Tolerance - Driving To The Rez - Episode 123

Exploring the restlessness that we have felt the past week, looking at sensitivity and tolerance, and questioning everything around us.

Find your TribeS - Driving To The Rez - Episode 122

Defining what a tribe is, why there is more than one, and how to find them or create them.

We want and we don't want a split - Driving to the Rez - Episode 121

Chicken scratches, property maintenance, and the split.

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