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Card Reading - what should we focus on for the rest of 2020

This is a recording of a Live event that Inelia broadcasted on YouTube and Facebook on the 19th of September 2020. It is important news about the upcoming months and a card reading.

Stuck on waiting for the Savior - Driving to The Rez - Episode 29

The waiting for the second coming is a trap. When you wait, you don't lead. You also put your power on pause or give it away to a "savior". Avatar, spark of God, unpolluted source energy, and the unfolding of The Split.

A card reading and Honey combs - Driving to The Rez - Episode 28

Inelia does a card reading for the question: what should we focus on for the next month and then talks about the "Honey Comb" Earth

Baby deer and other updates - Driving to The Rez - Episode 27

The book club for the "Earth Files". Second Life, a training place, and a meeting place. Truthing informantion and authority. Study groups.

A case study in Manifestation - Driving to the Rez - Episode 26

When manifestation is "not working" the reason might be one of the following: it is not really what you want; there is interference from your unconscious programs; or your higher self has different plans. How can you tell what it is and how can you resolve it? You look at energy lines. There is a very practical and personal example to learn from in this episode.

Book Club - Interview with an Angel - Chapter 4

Sharing with you one of the book club episodes we have recorded at WalkWithMeNow.

The Origin of The Human Race - Driving To the Rez - Episode 25

Humans are not from this planet. And the short life span that we have now is not "natural” but a tweaked DNA sequence.

High Frequency is Normal - Meditation

High-Frequency Is Normal. A Bonus 8 minutes guided meditation for you to connect with, be grateful for, and acknowledge your own body and self, as well as those other high-frequency people on the planet. Very effective and beautiful.

Time for the Lonewolf is Over - Driving To The Rez - Episode 24

In this episode, we are looking at the feeling of withdrawal and how you should make an effort to connect with your tribes: your high-frequency groups.

The Earth Files and Remembering the Future - Driving To the Rez - Episode 23

This episode is an invitation for you to join in the co-creation of the second book from "The Return" series. The book will be called "The Earth Files". The story will explore the origins of humans and why ET have a humanoid shape. And there is an old ability coming in again: remembering the future. Listen to the podcast for a simple exercise on how to develop this ability.

Pushing through Red Flags - Driving To the Rez - Episode 22

In this episode, we are looking into why it's not a good idea to push through red flags anymore. People of different choices (frequencies) cannot mix anymore. We have also linked some info for EMF protection in the show notes.

Tesla and AI - Driving to the Rez - Episode 21

In this episode, we are driving Kara to pick up her Tesla. We talk about AI and becoming an "adult for the planet" #adulting Yup, they are related, or not.

Triggers and Aliens - Driving to the Rez - Episode 20

In this episode, we look at how triggers can be used to manipulate us and what to do about it. And we discuss Alien Disclosure - do we need it? and who will do it?

Gaia Guidance and The Split - Driving to the Rez - Episode 19

This is part two of talking about our trip through the USA. We're looking at The Split, Gaia Guidance, Fabulous places and dead towns...

Had Enough? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 18

Exploring a possible program to remove lightworkers right when we need them most!

P.B. - Area 51 - A Baby Crow - Driving to the Rez - Episode 17

Adventures on our trip to Sacramento - Passing by Area 51.

Book Club - Interview with an Angel - Episode 1

Introduction to our WalkWithMeNow book club - where we discuss the “Interview with an Angel Book”

By their mask you shall know them - Driving to the Rez - Episode 16

In this episode, we are looking at the ongoing split and connecting with Gaia for guidance.

Dangerous Information, Censorship and Truthing - Driving to the Rez - Episode 15

We are looking at censorship and giving our power away to a governing body to decide what we may be exposed to in terms of information.

UFOs and Aliens - Driving to the Rez - Episode 14

In this podcast I share some of my stories related to UFOs and Aliens.

Lightworkers Unite As One! - Driving to the Rez - Episode 13

It is time for us to unite as one. Don’t try to awaken people, instead find your people, find those already awakened and become findable yourself. The time for the lone wolf has ended.

Inelia Benz in Conversation - Dr. Crystal Tack, N.D., L.Ac.

Discussion with Doctor Crystal Tack about the current situation and what we can do to stay healthy. Resources in the show notes.

Where do AI end and You Begin? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 12

Are we living in a giant simulation? What is Free Will? How does our decision-making process work? Is there a difference between us and AI?

Lifting the Veil of Forgetfulness and processing Fear - Driving to the Rez - Episode 11

This is a followup after the release of the Sigil for Lifting the Veil of Forgetfulness. And a personal story on how the “Fear Processing Exercise” came about.

Nanobots, McDonald’s and Vaccines - Driving to the Rez - Episode 10

I hope you like “woo-woo” because we’re diving into the deep end. Having a look at a personal story about nano-bots and how that is related to what is happening today on the planet.

You are not alone - on the verge of a Human Miracle - Driving to the Rez - Episode 9

Exploring a download that Inelia got about the council of elders - Imagine the impossible - it is what moves things forward!

Broody Hens, Ginger and The Sigil - Diving to the Rez - Episode 8

In this episode we’re discussing updates on Lucy, shamanshack life, a health potion and the Sigil. We also touch on the iBenzAcademy, what it is, and how it is different from the WalkWithMeNow platform and Second life.

Lucy, The Split, Corona and 5G - Driving To the Rez - Episode 7

Observing the restructuring of our society and how the Split is manifesting, plus updates about Lucy and looking at creating new systems to replace the old ones.

Choice points, Tarot and Changing your Future - Driving To the Rez - Episode 6

A teaching episode about how to use the mystical tool known as: “Tarot Cards” and how to not give your power away.

A focus question and a card reading - Driving To The Rez - Episode 5

What should we focus on for the next two weeks - I pulled four Oracle cards to guide us for the next two weeks. Let’s find out the amazing advice we got from Gaia, The Human Collective and the Lemurians.

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