The podcast where you learn how to get to your roots and take your power back. Be it UFOs, Sasquatch, Artificial Intelligence, Shamanism or Crystals no topic is off limits for Driving to the Rez.

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The Sun and sungazing - Driving to the Rez - Episode 147

Inelia's experience in her sungazing journey. The Sun and Life Energy. Prana.

Who is waiting for us? - Driving to the Rez - Episode 146

Describing the vision I had while working on the Power Objects.

The Sound of the Universe and what it does to you - Driving to the Rez - Episode 145

What is the sound of the Universe?

A cure for cancer exists and Doctors know about it - Driving to the Rez - Episode 144

Inelia's cancer healing story.

Your Evolution is important to me - Driving to the Rez - Episode 143

I spend every single day of my life creating tools and content for you to use in your self-work and evolution. Why do I do that? BECAUSE YOUR EVOLUTION IS IMPORTANT TO...

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