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Inelia Benz - Looking at 2022 - Driving to the Rez - Episode 116

Reviewing this recording from December 2021. What has come to pass and what is yet to come in the months ahead.

Uri Gueller, Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, the link - Driving to the Rez - Episode 115

What is the connection between Uri Gueller, Gene Roddenberry, the Council of Nine, channeling, and the split?

Skill and Craftsmanship - Driving to the Rez - Episode 114

Exploring further the skill and craftsmanship required to build some structures from the World Expo.

Reality Reset - Driving to the Rez - Episode 113

Looking at various ways used to create a script for the reality we are experiencing.

Communication and Sasquatch - Driving to the Rez - Episode 112

Exploration of Communication and Sasquatch

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